Come out and see me!

Yet another day in paradise! I've had a pretty active year in the con circuit, and things are starting to ease up a bit. Here's where I'll be over the next few months! November 16-17: It's Time Traveler's Weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival! Come out and mingle with the peasants, the mythical creatures, and … Continue reading Come out and see me!


Gaslit Armageddon: Clockworks of War Book 2!

Out of the fire and into far worse. Kane and Tabitha barely escape New Chicago, retreating to the marshlands of the Confederate States of America. Along with the terse General Regina Anderson and her team of rebels, they arrive in Charleston, South Carolina, only to find a city in ruin, the settlers toiling away to … Continue reading Gaslit Armageddon: Clockworks of War Book 2!