Oops…It’s been a year…


Where in the hell do I start?

In the past year I’ve become the Programming Co-Director for ConCarolinas, published two more books, sold a series to Falstaff Books, and I recently quit my construction job in favor of a job as a teacher with the school district.

Yeah. I’m a teacher.


Anyway, about those books!

So you all should know about Clockworks of War Book 2 by now. Gaslit Armageddon was well-received by y’all, and I sincerely thank you for the good reviews! You can hit Amazon to grab it, or get up with me at any convention(just about).

Book 3 came out this past July at Con-gregate(of course)! Gaslit Revolution is the end of the series, so make sure you grab it so you can see what happens to Kane and Tabitha!

Wolfbane is the first in the new series I just signed with Falstaff Books! It’s about James Coldstone, the son the Wolf-Man, investigating murders and human trafficking while avoiding a newspaper beat-down from his best friend Phillip. You can check it out here!

In the meantime, I’m going to work on updating the page now that I’m slowing down just enough to get into more trouble.

See you soon!


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