Gaslit Armageddon: Clockworks of War Book 2!

Gaslit armageddon

Out of the fire and into far worse.

Kane and Tabitha barely escape New Chicago, retreating to the marshlands of the Confederate States of America. Along with the terse General Regina Anderson and her team of rebels, they arrive in Charleston, South Carolina, only to find a city in ruin, the settlers toiling away to organize a Revolution against the Northern Oligarchy to save the torn country from war and greed.

The Revolution isn’t without its own problems. Men and women all over Charleston are disappearing. General Anderson asks Kane to investigate the disappearances. Kane agrees but finds himself quickly swept into a tornado of twisted conspiracy, chaotic madness, and old practices that some will not let die.

Will the Revolution be ready for the coming battle?

Or will the Special Forces bathe Charleston in hellfire and death?

The Clockworks of War thrum with fury.

It’s here!

Okay, you got me: it came out in July at Congregate 5! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, there are a few opportunities to grab a copy from me personally that are coming up soon!

Or you could just grab it on Amazon and leave me a review! Actually, if you could leave a review either way, that would just make me all warm and fuzzy.


I’ll be at Park Road Books September 8th for a book signing! If you still haven’t gotten book 1 yet, it’ll also be available along with the Rifle Chronicles! On the weekend of September 14-16, I’ll be at the Rural Hill Quidditch cup along with all of my author buddies. Come out and buy everyone’s stuff!

The Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC is still up in the air for me. I’ll be there either way because that’s my mothership. As soon as I know whether or not I’ll be selling books there, I’ll make sure to blast it out.

In the meantime, have a great labor day weekend, and look for more blog posts coming soon!




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