Signings, Events, and where I’ll be drinking!!

I’ve got a lineup of events coming up! As with any book signing or appearance, I find it handy if I actually communicate dates and times for said signing or appearance. Of course, things are subject to change(as in I’ll add more events, or more will get added for me and I’ll just be told where to be).

SO! Here goes!!

Sept. 1st-4th: DRAGON CON!! Yes, peoples!! My first year there! I’ll be there as an attendee, but I plan on applying next year(missed the application dates. Sad Panda, here)! I’ll be around, so come visit, say hi, troll me, whatever! I won’t be officially selling anything, but something in me will force me to drop a signed copy of a book into someone’s bag if that someone “accidentally” drops some cash into my pocket. I’ll be drinking at the Westin with my friends, and staying at the Sheraton. STOKED!!!

Sept. 23rd: Cabarras County Public Library ALL DAY!! I’ll be there with my buddies signing and whoring books, and I plan to have a few copies of Bad Movie Beware with me as well. Frankly, I don’t know what’s close by, so I’ll update my eating/drinking location that day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram(yeah, I have Instagram. Finally got the kids off my lawn and got with the times).

Oct. 8th: CLEVERCON!! I’ll be set up alongside my wife, Melissa McArthur, and super-talented indy author and owner of Falstaff Publishing John Hartness, while supporting my friends Something Clever at their metal show/geek con! It’s at the Fillmore, it’s one evening, and it’s a blast! Even metal heads read(ahem, this guy, for example), so come on out! Fillmore also has beer, so I’ll likely have a Guinness in my hand while I’m begging you to buy books from us! You can find the event on Facebook.

Oct. 21st: GEEK GALA!! I will be partying with the Charlotte Geeks all day that day. I’ll be sharing a table at the Muggle’s Market with Falstaff Books, hanging out with friends, and drinking on site because, well, there will be food and Vitamin A! I’m also a judge for the Geek Short Film Festival, and there are some really good ones this year! I’ll also have copies of Bad Movie Beware! See you there!!

Nov. 11th and 12th: THE CAROLINA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL TIME TRAVELERS WEEKEND!!  I’ll be in the main area across from the food and near the over-sized rocking horse with a slew of authors selling books with Park Road Books! The Faire has awesome food, shows, and a great selection of draft beer, most notably some good stuff from Foothills Brewery! And cinnamon roasted pecans. Those are a MUST.

Nov.  17th-19th: ATOMACON!! I’ll be in Charleston, SC that weekend for a fun fan-run con down in the historic city! If I’m not at my table, on a panel, or harassing people because it’s funny, I’ll likely be in the hotel bar eating burgers and taking in some Holy City Pluff Mud Porter!

Jan. 12th-14th: ILLOGICON!! I’ll be in Raleigh, NC for this event, and it’s my first year there! I’ll be selling books, speaking on panels, and likely acting like a big kid(as if I don’t do that already)! I’ll be in the hotel bar in the evenings, and attending room parties to see my fellow misfits! Come on by!

This will get updated as I get more events added on. Also, keep checking back for news on the next Rifle stories as I ramp the series back up and information on the next book in the Clockworks of War series! Until then: cheers!!



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