The Clockworks of War

It’s finally out! After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears(mostly mine), The Clockworks of War Book 1: Gaslit Insurrection has become a reality! It’s available now on a number of ebook sites, and the print version is out, as well! Funny story: if you buy from me directly, you get the ebook for free!

In other news, I’ve already started working on Book 2 in the series. It’s a 3-book series that takes place in Alternate History. It’s full of suspense, magic, and conspiracies, so a little something for all us kids to enjoy!

Come see me July 14th-16th at Congregate in Highpoint, NC! I’ll be at my table like a good little author slinging books and having a beer! If you miss me, I’ll have other appearances that I plan to list as soon as they’re finalized!

Stay tuned, and click this link to get your copy of  Gaslit Insurrection if you just can’t wait!


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