ConCarolinas 2017

IMG_1797Ah, con season!

ConCarolinas is my home con! I’m returning as a guest, and I’ve been a busy bee this past year! I’ll have new content for my table, I’ll be speaking on panels that I’ve built with the great movie mind Bill Mulligan and the super-talented Braxton Ballew of Valentine Wolfe!

Make sure you hit the site and get tickets for the whole weekend. Yeah, I get it just as well as everyone else: I work 40 hours a week, I have a life, I have shit to do. Truth is, there’s so much going on at ConCarolinas that you really can’t do it justice by just coming for one day! It’s not much more to get a weekend pass, and there’s a slew of great places to eat right there by the hotel!

This year, the guest of honor is none other than Aurelio Voltaire! You definitely can’t consider yourself a self-respecting goth and miss the chance to meet the king! You’ll also get to see Valentine Wolfe perform, AND you’ll get to watch a slew of short films at the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival! I was a judge again this year, that the 2017 batch has been an amazing collection!

Make sure you check out the author track, as well! Let’s be real for a minute, people: times have changed. It’s not the 80s and 90s anymore. If you want to be a writer, you go to Con. Period. It’s where you can meet others in the field, network, and learn the craft by attending panels and workshops. A mainstay the past years has been the Magical Words Slush. Bring in the first page of your work, and authors who’ve been doing this a hell of a lot longer will tell you where a publisher would stop reading, why, and give suggestions on what to work on! And it’s anonymous! They don’t know who you are unless you offer to fess up!

I hope to see everyone there! It’s always a blast!


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